What is enough and how much is plenty

I was reading an article about Mr. Andrew Hyde who sold his belongings, leaving only 15 items and travelled the world. At the moment his count is about 60. If it’s possible to live with so little, why have I filled my wardrobe?

I stopped buying excess items about a year ago because I noticed my cabinets were full. When I started to pack things for Pyhä I thought I packed light. Now after 3 months I noticed that almost half of it is excess, again. It’s amusing to think that just before I left for Lapland I carried about 40 kilos to flea market. Even after that I still have a lot of clothes that I actually don’t need.

I still remember how baldly I walked the aisles of primary school with my new flannel shirt. When in secondary school I needed to have brand jeans because my friends also had them. If someone had a new hoodie or jeans I was envy. When playing basketball I always needed to have the newest Air Jordans. Manufacturers fill stores with new items even though the old models are perfectly ok to use. As a dutiful consumer I always got new things cause the market demanded me to do so. It took me almost 30 years to get rid of the thought that I don’t need to be buying always new stuff.

During the schools winter holidays I had a 9 year old student called Riku. I taught him to ski and he taught me life. Riku: “I’m always away at hobbies so I don’t have time to spend my money. And then I always think that I don’t want to buy toys that I don’t use five years from now.” I wish I’d be that smart 20 years ago.

At Pyhä I have, in addition of my work clothes, 1 pair of jeans, 7 t-shirts, boxers and socks. I could reduce my inventory and still be wearing clean clothes daily.

There’s newer too many trees

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